TC Body Cutout Kit
TC Body Cutout Kit
TC Body Cutout Kit
TC Body Cutout Kit
TC Body Cutout Kit

TC Body Cutout Kit

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The ultimate tools to create a perfectly trimmed TC body! These easy to use tools give you the fastest way to accurately mark wheel wells and lower cut lines to prevent body rub and self induced body tucks. 65mm wheel disk to create a perfectly sized wheel well and a cube with 4 different ride height settings 10-13mm. Instructions below.

Included in package:

- 2x 65mm wheel marking disks

- ‎1x body ride height cube 10-13mm

- 1x fine tip marker


1- make sure ride height is set correctly then ream out body post holes and mount to desired height. Use body clips to secure body.

2- Insert your fine tip marker into the ride height cube till snug with the arrows facing the body.

3- On a flat surface, pick desired ride height with what measurement you want facing up and mark around entire body. Trim along black line before next step.

4- push the 65mm wheel disks under tires on one side. They should self center and you're good to go! Mark around the wheel disk with the fine tip marker.

5- repeat step 4 for other side and trim wheel wells.

With the HD body cutout kit and your favorite pair of lexan scissors and you'll have pro cut body's in no time!

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